About Us

Tyear was 2009: in a dank garage three people met and played games. Much to the chagrin of onlookers, they found themselves endlessly exasperating and utterly amusing. And endless loop of inside jokes, breaking into song, and endless Lore Holes later, other people were kind enough to say they liked some of what they did, which humbled them and inspired them to do some more things.  This site contains some of those things..

Bill Benham

“I also have a distinct fondness for pugs.”

Bill has played D&D in some form or another since 1982. Bill spent 20 years running all over the place and making people feel better in the U.S. Army before retiring. Bill has a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, which probably means he’s altruistic and a masochist. As further proof of his selfless nature and gluttony for punishment, he was a Living Greyhawk Triad member and a member of the administrative staff for Living Forgotten Realms, and is currently the Resource Manager for  Dungeons and Dragons D&D Adventurers League, the world-wide organized play group for Wizards of the Coast.  Bill lives in Seattle with his wife and human children.

Travis Woodall

“This is the worst day of my life.”

Travis looked down at his hands and saw cradled in them the souls of untold stories. A deep, page worn sign escaped him. Such great responsibility weighed down his weary shoulders. But which would he pluck and breath forth a multitude of dice rolls, unexplored caverns and perchance, a tasty brew? Travis would never let anyone forget he was spawned in California, how to pronounce “almonds”.  But, Travis Woodall now calls the soggy Pacific Northwest his home. Since his tweens, Travis has played more RPG systems than he can count. Travis is currently the Content Manager Dungeons and Dragons D&D Adventurers League, the world-wide organized play group for Wizards of the Coast.  Though he is usually found slumped lifelessly in front of his computer amongst a sea of empty beer bottles, Travis is also known to enjoy reading, writing, and on rare occasion, spending time with his wife of 15 years and his son.

Wm. Straley

“I have rope.”

William started playing Dungeons and Dragons when he was 13 and blames his bad back on the long sojourns he and his friend would take to play; all bent with the burden of every book they owned.  William Straley might be the reason you can’t go browse naughty websites at work. He currently works in Information Technology.