I didn’t see you there.  Don’t worry about it. Come, sit down and let me spin you a tale. A yarn perhaps, while we chew the fat?

In previous times, barbers (known as barber surgeons) also performed surgery. With the development of safety razors and the decreasing prevalence of beards, in English-speaking cultures, most barbers now specialize in cutting men's scalp hair as opposed to facial hair.

How are you? Really? As I understand it, there is a jump that needs to take place, starting from a simple idea into something more bloated, before you consider your ideas worthy enough to share with the world or, in some cases, self-aggrandizing enough to think that you need an entire website to do it. Don’t look at me like that. Have a biscuit.

So what is the deal with Invisible BeesI hear you ask, and I am glad you have, because it gives me a moment to talk about the two other people I’m working with.  So lets talk about them and what this is all about.


I met these people Travis Woodall and Bill Benham by inviting strangers to my house to play the Dungeons and Dragons in 2010. This chance event would shake our lives to the very foundation, again and again, like some kind of model earthquake test of nerds; not literally, though I have fantasies of shaking them, but figuratively, which is a fancy way to say I abuse them verbally.

Don't order poached

Don’t order poached.

Quickly however, we learned a few things that would propel us into a cosmic three-way orgy of such-diverse-elements-as breaking into inappropriate jingles, exasperating fellow gamers, and indulging in recursive in-joking. Other benefits to knowing these guys is that they out class me in so many ways, vis-a-vis, “the tabletop“. These guys were old hats in the organized gaming community, that by the time they started working for it officially, I was able to have a behind the scenes look that many don’t get. One of these views is how much actual work they do; sure, they work on games and get paid, but its a second job and they put a lot of care and thought into their work and I truly admire that. Another view is that it must be nice to be a bougie VIP.

Over the years, with so much time, joviality and common potty humor, I often wondered, “how I could possibly convince them how great I was?” In actuality, they inspired me to consider what I could bring to the table in regards to contributing to the hobby that brought us together and would ultimately lead us to our death? And I mean that sincerely, as I have ever intention of playing games with these guys until my poor lifestyle choices catch up to me.

So here it is, by attempt to enforce my will upon them.


We’ll be wrangling some ideas into actual products, all the while pumping out some silly, pithy, t-shirts to put on your filthy, filthy bodies. We’ve linked some of our previous work for other people here, too. The future could hold anything, really.  We could offer a cologne perhaps. But most likely, it will be modules for one or more games systems, more shirts and maybe a physical product via Kickstarter. That would be cool.

So thank you for stopping by, we love you and please be safe out there.


Written by Wm.